Welcome to the WeLoveBeads Occasional Newsletter!

     Autumn, fashion and merchandise is out there tempting us! And, of course, warm colors, toasty tweeds and snuggly sweaters all need jewelry accents. The Pantone fashion color report has forecast some luscious colors for fall - see image at left.

     Gold is still "in" for autumn in jewelry as well as in metallic-finished leather in shoes and handbags. Beads are still prominently and lavishly encircling wrists and necks - beads of all sizes. However, all of us who love beads know that they're always in style in some beautiful way.

     For something stunning and spicy that coordinates beautifully with autumn's colors, this "salsa" set includes the ever-gorgeous sliding diamond beads in a spectacular hyacinth red color. Colors of citrine, olive and gold metal complete this warm set. Soon, earrings will be availble to match, but 'til then here is the bead set to make a bracelet.

      Fashion colors come and go as well, but some colors endure season after season simply because we love them! I think the "beach" colors of water-colory blue, green and aqua are some of those that are perennially popular. I've put together a mix of handmade "beach" color beads in different shapes that play very nicely with other beads, especially crystal and firepolish. Enough beads to mix and match with others to make many pieces of jewelry. Click here or on the image at left to get the details on this new mix.

     Looking forward, it's time for WeLoveBeads to shake things up and move ahead! Most of the present beads and bead sets will be disappearing, and new ones will appear, along with a lot of earring sets. Also, more necklaces, more crystal...and whatever else I can dream up.

      Speaking of crystal, I hear from a very reliable source that Swarovski has been cracking down on some vendors who have been mixing in cheapo crystal with Swarovski to boost their profits at the expense of their customers. Awful! So, bead buyer, beware.

     Did you know...that lavender fends off moths just as well as cedar or mothballs? Isn't that marvelous! No doubt a good many of you already knew that, but I just found out. All this time I thought the sachets were just pretty, smelled great and reminded me of France.

     Thank you for reading this volume of the WeLoveBeads Occasional Newsletter!

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